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S04 25-600X Hardware 1.3MP USB Digital microscope

Hardware 1.3 megapixel with plastic lifting bracket, 25-600X continuous zoom,

Optical magnification 50 times and 200 times, digital magnification 600 times in software,

Image optional resolution 160*120/320*240/640*480/1280*960/1280*1024,

It can display full-screen real-time living biological images on the computer,

With advanced measurement function, you can measure the distance between circle, line, rectangle, polygon, arc, Angle, parallel line, ellipse, point and point, point and line.

According to the need to choose a variety of colors for annotation, can be in the software to take photos, video.

Digital microscopes are widely used in: industrial inspection, computer component inspection, telecommunications module inspection, scientific teaching tools,

Children explore microscopic experience, laboratory research, medical analysis, school research tools, insect anatomy, plant anatomy,

Skin inspection, hair inspection, textile inspection, jewelry inspection, collection inspection, antique inspection, ceramic inspection, printing inspection, PCB board inspection, etc.

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S04 OTG Android version download link:

S04 Android version OTG software scan code download:

HT-B30S USB头皮检测.jpg

S04 Detailed PDF Instruction manual Download link: 

Product parameters:

Model.: S08                                                                                                                                                           

Controller : High Speed DSP(M-jpeg)/CMOS Sensor

Magnification Range :20X ~ 800X

Take Images: SNAP Shot

Pixels:0.3MP, ( Interpolation 2.0MP)

Light Source :Buile-in 8 White-light LED/0-30000LUX

Video Capture Resolution: 


Focus Range :0~4cm 

Support O/S :  WIN XP/VISTA;WIN 7 ,WIN 8, WIN 10

Connection :USB interface

Power supply : USB(5V DC) 

Frame Rate: 20-30f/s Under 500 LUX Brightness

Language:Chinese/English (other languaegs can be OEM)

Coulor:Silver- gray  (other coulors can be OEM)

Product Dimension: 112 mm ( L) *33 mm (D )

GW: 380g


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