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HT-BW36 Wireless WIFI Two Spectrum AI Intelligent Scalp Detector

Wireless WIFI connection, white light+UV light,

Support iOS and Android systems,

5 automatic data analysis,

Intelligent analysis, member archiving, product recommendation, system settings.

Automatically generate analysis results and improvement suggestions, and automatically recommend applicable nursing products, which greatly improves the transaction rate of products,

Small and portable, it can be put in a bag to go out for activities, and can be detected anytime and anywhere, so as to know your skin health status in real time,

It can be used in: scalp therapy center, scalp care chain, scalp management center, hair salon, hair salon, hair salon, hair care salon

Distribution and sales of hair products, health products, personal/family self inspection, etc.

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Product specifications:

Model.: HT-BW36 (Wireless WIFI AI Scalp Hair Analyzer)                                                                                                                                                          

Controller : High Speed DSP(M-jpeg)/CMOS Sensor

Magnification Range : 5X ~ 200X

Taking pictures: built-in

Light Source :6 White-light LED + 6 purple lights

Pixel: Hardware HD 720P

Video Capture Resolution: 640x480

Focus Range :0~4cm 

Support O/S :Andriod and iOS 

Software: HotMac

Connection :WIFI Wireless 

Power supply : USB(5V DC) 

Frame Rate:  20-30f/s Under 500 LUX Brightness

Language:Chinese/English (other languaegs can be OEM)

Coulor:Purple(other coulors can be OEM)

Product Dimension: 142 mm ( L) *37 mm (D )


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