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HT-WXH HD microcirculation detector USB connection computer use

A circulation detector is a device that detects microcirculation in the nail folds (just below the tip of the ring finger),

Visualizing blood flow and the shape of blood vessels on a computer,

On the computer, you can set up member files, take photos, video, compare pictures and videos,

Manually input the test report, can be connected to the printer to print the report,

A physician or hygienist determines a healthy or abnormal state of the body based on observations.

Products are used in medical institutions, specialized clinics, beauty salons, beauty chain institutions,

Cosmetics distribution sales, beauty products distribution sales, health products distribution sales and so on.

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Product parameters:

Model:  HT-WXH (Microcirculation Detector )                                               

Controller:  High Speed DSP(M-jpeg)/CMOS Sensor

Magnification Range:  400X

Take Images:  SNAP Shot

Pixels:  720P

Light Source : Build-in 2 White-light 

Video Capture Resolution: 1280x720,640x480

Focus Range:  0~4cm

Support O/S: WIN XP/VISTA;WIN 7,WIN 8,WIN 10

Applications:  Hotwxh

Connection:  USB interface

Power supply:  USB(5V DC)

Frame Rate:   60-120f/s Under 500 LUX Brightness

Language: Chinese, English, Korean, Spanish(more languages supported with OEM order)

Color: White + black

Product Dimension: 21cmm ( L)* 13cm (W )* 22cm (H )

Gross Weight: 4.4kg

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