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HT-66C ENT Oral Endoscope with 3-inch screen

Ultra-fine probe: The product uses 3.9mm miniature HD camera, can easily observe the ear and other narrow space

Quality HD: 3.0-inch HD LCD display with 6x HD magnification

Hd transmission: The probe uses electronic image sensor to truly restore the image

Safe: Handle adopts imported waterproof material, waterproof rating up to IP67

Ultra-long life: Built-in 950MA high-performance polymer lithium battery, ultra-long life

Engineering design: ergonomic design, comfortable and beautiful

Application: examination of ear gallery and eardrum inflammation, ear canal cleaning, oral ulcer, gingival bleeding,

Throat swelling, nasal inflammation, facial skin and pores and other body surface detection.

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Product parameters:

Model:HT-66C(ENT Intraoral Camera)

Display: 3.0 TFT LCD Pixels480(RGB)*320dots

Battery: Lithium polymer 950MA / 3.7V

Pixels: 640*480 

Image: Photo/Freeze/External display

Image zoom: 5X zoom

Photosensitive surface: 1/18"VGA CMOS

Frame rate: 20-30fps

Lens Diameter: 3.9mm

Imaging focal length: 5-80mm

LED lights: 4PCS 

Tube length mirror: 30mm

AV cable: Mini USB 1M magnetic ring

USB cable: Micro-usb 1M 

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